• When you register as a customer member on our website, you automatically get your own digital Wallet which you can access and use when you login to your online account – MyAccount.
  • The Wallet allows you to store your money in a digital wallet and then use the money in the wallet for buying and ordering products from our website.
  • You can top-up or add money to your wallet by using various payment methods such as debit card, credit card, online bank transfer, PayPal, and Stripe, etc.
  • With the wallet, you don’t have to fill in the payment details every time when you need to buy or order any products. You simply log in and pay for products using the wallet button at checkout.
  • You also receive any refunds instantly in your wallet – thus eliminating tedious processes and many days of delays for you to receive a refund or cashback.
  • You receive notification emails for every wallet transaction that you make and you also have all your transactions statement within your wallet when you login to your online account – MyAccount.

You can transfer wallet amount to other members for free at anytime and the amount will be in their wallet instantly for their use.